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Rooted in Excellence

The Oaks Law Group was founded on the idea that when all parts of a firm work as a team, we can deliver exceptional services to our clients. We believe that being "rooted in excellence" should exist at every level, from every employee. Just as a tree uses strong roots to thrive, attorneys work together with support staff, as one, to coordinate, communicate and execute a standardized level of file handling that our clients can rely on to consistently achieve outstanding results.

No business is too large or small for The Oaks Law Group

In addition to serving a wide variety of third party administrators and insurance carriers, attorneys at The Oaks Law Group have represented a diverse group of employer clientele including school districts, public transportation providers, the private security industry, national retail and service businesses, as well as independent, franchise and small business owners.

Full Defense Litigation

From the start of discovery to file closure, including employer investigation and witness statements, depositions, expert cross-examinations, trial (and appeal as necessary), and lien handling. This includes bi-annual budgeting forms to assist in cost-management at every stage of a litigated claim.

Settlement Drafting/Walkthru

Drafting of settlement documents and/or walk-thru of these at the appropriate Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Deposition Only Handling

Preparation for and appearance at Applicant depositions to obtain valuable information on an injured worker’s past injuries, medical treatment, employment history, and current symptoms. This includes attempting settlement at every deposition, unless otherwise instructed.

Lien Only Handling

Negotiation, settlement and/or trial of outstanding liens post-settlement, in order to facilitate file closure.

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